Marco Ponce

March 2020

We had a very positive experience working with Flavio and Elena. Flavio and his team are very friendly and professional. They guided us and prepared me for my green card process every step trough the end. I highly recommend Van Boekel Law Firm.

Alessandra Araujo Esteves

March, 2020

Very professional, bright, straight forward with his answer. I refer all my friends to him. Always answering my doubts about law info.

Jose Dacunha

December 2019

I am very satisfied with the legal services provided to me by Mr. Van Boekel in the areas of immigration and family law. I would highly recommend him as your lawyer. A+!

Alexander Sambuk

November, 2019

Flavio Van Boekel handled my extremely complex divorce case that involved a lot of money and evil behavior of adversaries and demonstrated that he is highly professional, skillful, and knowledgeable. Mr. Van Boekel satisfied his duties with devotion and a strict sense of ethics and vocation to his matrimonial law practice. Based on his experience, he gave me the right advice at right time - some of them seemed so bold to me that I dared not to follow them, but later I found out that he was right in everything he told.


November, 2019

I highly recommend the attorney Flavio Van Boekel for any immigration demand. With his professionalism and knowledge, he has successfully helped many of my clients. He also speaks several languages Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Paulo Roberto

October, 2019

Dr. Flavio Van Boekel took care of my case with ease, he definitely knows what he’s talking about.
If you are like me and rather hear the truth no matter what, he is the one to clarify your doubts.
I highly recommend Dr. Flavio Van Boekel.
Thank you for the GREAT service.

Edmilson Nepomuceno

October, 2019

I wanna thank Mr. Van Boekel for the excellent outcome of my divorce. I would retain him again.

DMGH Podcast

April, 2019

Chris and Gabriella - Flavio is detail-oriented and walked my wife and me through the immigration process. I would recommend him to anyone. He is also very personable which makes the process so much more smooth. Not only did our legal issues get resolved, but we have also made a lifetime friend.

Miguel Angel Pilicita

September, 2019

Mr. Van Boekel helped me with my withholding of removal in NJ and CT to the end. He speaks fluent Spanish. Mr. Van Boekel is a seasoned lawyer in immigration and matrimonial law.

Emilly Gomes

March, 2019

I would like to say that Flavio is a great immigration lawyer. He helped me and my husband with all the paperwork, very organized and efficient. I’m very happy with his office.

Phil Viega

April, 2019

Flavio was a great help for my husband and me during our immigration process. His firm is LGBT friendly and extremely understanding of the process and very thorough in detail. Your process will be hassle-free and very well handled.

Paul Leoni

April, 2019

Committed to your cause, ferocious at litigation, informed and strategic in counseling: Mr. Van Boekel encompasses all of the traits you want present in the attorney that will represent your interest.
My experience with Mr. Van Boekel has been that he won't think twice to put anything else on hold when I've needed him the most.

Wendel Portes

April, 2019

Flavio Van Boekel was amazing in obtaining my green card. He is honest, will not give you false hopes, and won't take the case if you don't have one. I thank him and his firm for becoming a legal resident.

Rafael Briono

April, 2019

I had withholding of removal. He works on my case to adjust my status after my marriage. Very organized and dedicated. He had to fly to Miami twice to be present at court. Excellent work.

Lana Santos

April, 2019

I have no words to describe Mr. Van Boekel. He was able to help me at the family court against my ex. I thought I would lose the case, but in the end, Mr. Van Boekel flipped the table. He is a very skilled lawyer. I highly recommend his firm.

Henri Castelli

April, 2019

The Best Lawyer You Can Ask For!!!!
If you need an immigration attorney, I highly recommend Flavio Van Boekel! He works hard and truly cares about his clients. His professional experience makes him a knowledgeable and effective immigration attorney. Brazilian Actor Henri Castelli.

Nicolas Gomez

April, 2019

Best lawyer in the immigration field, won’t reap you off, he knows what he is doing and won’t change too much for his services. Definitely recommend. He also speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

Milton Salcedo

April, 2019

Attorney Flavio Van Boekel is an excellent trial lawyer. I was falsely accused by my wife of domestic violence and Mr. Van Boekel completely outsmarted the other lawyer. He does not play around. All charges dismissed against me. I also recommend Van Boekel Law Firm yo anyone who wants a 5-stars service from a law firm!

Linda Guzman

April, 2019

Flavio Van Boekel is an excellent divorce divorce was litigious, but he settled the case with very favorable terms for me.

Michael Roby

April, 2019

Would highly recommend this firm. Flavio and his team did an outstanding job preparing my wife's green card application, any questions or concerns we had, they went out of their way to make sure we understood the process and really took a lot of worry from us as we navigated this complex process.

Posted by Stephani V. January 31, 2018 

Flavio is the best lawyer in NJ and I definitely recommend his services to all my friends and family! He helped me in a very delicate case with immigration and he was very kind and helpful throughout the process. Always answering his emails and phone whenever I called to get updates on my case. The whole process went smoothly because he made sure there were no mistakes before sending the case to USCIS and I was just approved! He's an amazing professional, very punctual, honest and offers an outstanding service. Whoever hires his services will not be disappointed. Thank you, Flavio and Elena Van Boekel 

Oleg Chernov June 2017

Knowledgeable and sharp lawyer. Helped us a lot with a dispute we had. Highly recommend.

Posted by Rev. Dr. Valdir Reis  November 20, 2017

Flavio Van Boekel assisted me and my family in obtaining out American citizenship. In addition, Mr. Van Boekel has handled legal issues related to the property owned by the church where I am a Pastor "Çloser to God Evangelical Presbyterian Church" in Kearny. Mr. Van Boekel has also assisted me with copyright issues of my book 'Prisoners Closer to God' published in Portuguese and Spanish and distributed in several countries. Flavio Van Boekel is an excellent lawyer.

Posted by Pablo  October 26, 2017

Mr. Van Boekel helped me through my citizenship process, he was very clear and diligent as well as he showed that he really cared about my case. One can tell this gentleman is in the business because is his passion.

Posted by Phil  October 25, 2017

Explained what we needed to do, to be done and what we needed to have..... Was showed us each step of what the Gov't wanted from us and how to do it.... I was happy if we couldn't get him, his secretary was able to advise or get in touch with him... We are now in our final stage of my husband's immigration process for Permanent Residency... We were happy he was LGBT friendly and can trust.

Sandro October 2017

I wish to thank Flavio Van Boekel for assisting with the contracts and articles of incorporation of our business. He's an outstanding lawyer and his legal staff is top-notch. Mr. Van Boekel speaks Portuguese and explained the laws in my native language. I highly recommend Mr. Van Boekel and his firm!

Posted by Tatiana October 13, 2017

Flavio was literally god sent. My husband and I trusted him to take care of our immigration case and he was amazing. He delivered in every way, responsive, knowledgeable and walks you side to side to what needs to be done with confidence. He cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to make sure justice is done. We are extremely satisfied with his service and would recommend to anyone that needs a good lawyer.

Posted by Israel Darosa October 9, 2017
Flavio Was my lawyer during a TRO(temporary restraining order) and he did everything he could to beat that case. 
The second case was a simple assault, against me through my ex-wife cousin, Flavio made a great affidavit defense presented to Court and was dismissed... 
Nobody goes wrong when you hire Flavio. 
Flavio is Great, Cause he likes what he does. When Flavio puts his feet on the Courtroom is like he is going to war with to defend you. The good thing at the end of all this, we became good friends. 
I do highly recommend Mr.Van Boekel.

Posted by Sandro  October 9, 2017

I wish to thank Flavio Van Boekel for assisting with the contracts and articles of incorporation of our business. He's an outstanding lawyer and his legal staff is top-notch. Mr. Van Boekel speaks Portuguese and explained the laws in my native language. I highly recommend Mr. Van Boekel and his firm!

Posted by Igor Matos  July 26, 2017
First things first I'd like to thank My attorney for everything. Boekel did not only make my case an exception that good always wins over evil. He defended mine in a restraint made against me. Boekel is very understanding and very knowledgeable. You can tell how he outshines other lawyers in the courtroom and knows much more. I won my case and couldn't be more satisfied. I am very satisfied with the result and very happy I hired him. Thank you Flavio Van Boekel.

Posted by Daniele Barzellato May 25, 2016
I am Flavio Van Boekel Client since 2013. Attorney Flavio helped me in a difficult time in my life when I was living in a domestic violence marriage. Thank you, Attorney Flavio, for all you did to me.

Posted by Gisele May 23, 2016

My family and I became Flavio Van Boekel's clients when my sister was going through a very difficult divorce and needed to find the best lawyer to represent her. When we were referred to Mr. Van Boekel the case was already open and not ruled on our favor. Mr. Van Boekel took on the case and with his expertise, he made possible the impossible. Since then, Flavio Van Boekel has been my family's lawyer. We already hired him for a family case, an immigration case and used his service for any legal advice. All cases were represented with great professionalism. I have referred Flavio to a friend and she also became a client. I highly recommend Flavio Van Boekel Law Firm to everyone looking to be represented by a great and honest lawyer that can be upfront with you on the many aspects needed to win a case.

Posted by Julie March 4, 2016

My experience working with Mr. Flavio Van Boekel has been excellent! He handled my case with complete professionalism, knowledge, and very strong ethics, and I was very thankful for being represented by him- and I also want to add that he was able to turn my case around with great outcome. Mr. Van Boekel has represented me in custody and other matters, and I was extremely pleased with his services. I had worked with three other lawyers in the past, and they were not even close to Mr. Van Boekel's level of expertise and ethics. I only wish that I had met Flavio sooner. I will continue to do business with him, and I always refer him to all my friends. In my opinion, Mr. Flavio Van Boekel is the best lawyer you will ever find. "Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you will find a lawyer you like..." Thank you, Flavio for being such a great lawyer!

Posted by Vera August 12, 2015
I want to thank attorney Flavio Van Boekel and his outstanding team for doing an amazing job! Really happy with the services provided. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services or that of the firm. They helped me to solve my immigration issues and today thanks to Van Boekel Law Firm I can enjoy my life in America. 
Thank You once more!

Posted by Jacqueleen  December 23, 2014

Throughout my case there were moments where I didn’t know how to handle what was going on because of my emotional attachment to the case. My lawyer managed to keep me calm and informed throughout the almost 9-month process never once giving up on me even when I took my frustrations out on him. For every unexpected setback, Mr. Flavio Van Boekel had an array of knowledge to handle each in accordance with the laws for my custody case. I not only appreciate his expertise as a lawyer but his sensitivity when I needed it the most. Family custody cases are the most difficult to handle and I would recommend him to anyone both locally to those living in New Jersey as well as those out of town like myself in need of legal representation in New Jersey.

Posted by Patricia October 12, 2014
Mr. Van Boekel handled my boyfriend's case extremely well, and thus I highly recommend him for any services! I am very impressed with his expertise in immigration law in particular. My boyfriend had a tricky visa situation to sort through, which we were really nervous about since he did not want to be deported back to Brazil. Mr. Van Boekel always remained calm and confident throughout the process. I feel very confident in his knowledge base as well as his abilities in the courtroom. Definitely worth your time to schedule a consultation with Mr. Van Boekel!


August 26, 2014

Mr. Van Boekel helped me in a complex domestic violence matter where a former partner falsely accused me of a predicate act of violence. Mr. Van Boekel kept me informed, guided me, explained the law and obtained the results expected. Mr. Van Boekel is one of the best lawyers one can find.

Posted by Edlaine December 30, 2013
My litigious divorce.

Mr. Van Boekel is an extraordinary divorce lawyer. He represented me diligently and aggressively against my husband's expensive lawyer who falsely accused me of trying to "kidnap" my daughter (since I am agreed with card holder) and wanted sole custody of the child. In the end, Mr. Van Boekel made sure I had custody of my daughter and child support. Mr. Van Boekel also made sure that I had a fair division of assets from my husband and went the extra mile when my husband tried to harass me hacking my email and assisted me with criminal charges and wiretap laws. I highly recommend Mr. Van Boekel to any client to want a true divorce lawyer in action.

Posted by EXEQUIEL December 26, 2013
I am happy with the results of my family case , he was and is very professional at the time to filed paperwork to the court ,no mistakes were made ,which are very important before any motion, I had a bad experience with a couple of lawyers before I work with Flavio Van Boekel firm. And believe me, if paperwork isn't right, docks numbers are missing or misspelling the court will dine your case, and if no one knows about the error and you get in front of THE JUDGE he is going to kick you out of the courtroom like nothing. That is why I like FLAVIO VAN BOEKEL FIRM he won't let it happens to you. One more reason I have to recommend his service to anyone is, in THE COURTROOM he will represent you with knowledge of the law, leading the JUDGE to your favor,and that is what really counts at the end.

Posted by William Camacho December 20, 2013
Mr. Boekel professionalism and his staff were very knowledgeable and were "ATTENTION TO DETAILS" when it came to my court case, very friendly and helpful to all the questions I had regarding my legal situation. Compare to other lawyers Mr. Flavio Van Boekel was more concerned with my case & my legal issues, other lawyers are always more concerned about the money they can extract from you. As a disable veteran I was treated with the utmost respect and attention from him and his staff. I recommend Flavio Van Boekel to anyone who wants to be represented the proper way a client should be treated.

Renata Castro Alves

Flavio is a thorough, detail-oriented and knowledgeable lawyer. Those represented by him are in good hands


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