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United States immigration laws are complex and often unclear to people applying for visas or different types of immigration status. They can be especially confusing if you are accused of an immigration violation or facing a deportation hearing. A capable attorney can explain the process and submit your application for you. We give you the best chance for success.

Van Boekel Law Firm, LLC serves all of New Jersey. We can represent you throughout the immigration process in 50 States of the United States and ensure you are fully informed of all the requirements.

Helping individuals and families understand Green Card requirements

Immigrants who wish to stay in the United States only temporarily must apply for a temporary visa, and are required to leave when that visa expires. If you or a family member wishes to move permanently to the United States, you must apply for Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) status through the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. The LPR identification card is often called a “green card” and LPR status is referred to as “green card status.” After five years of LPR status, you may apply for full citizenship.

We can guide you through the details of the LPR application process to give you the best chance for approval. LPR status is granted for a number of reasons, including:

  • Family connections — About 65 percent of people approved for LPR status have family members living in the United States
  • Skilled labor — U.S. law lists many different skills or professions for which applicants are granted preference.
  • Asylum or refugee status — People fearing persecution in their home country are allowed to petition for LPR status after one year of residency.
  • Unusual hardship — Immigrants who are scheduled to be deported after their visas expire can be granted LPR status due to exceptional or extremely unusual hardship.

There are also special exceptions granted through a diversity lottery, or based on the country of origin, including Haiti, Cuba, certain Central American countries and elsewhere.

A New Jersey law firm helping with visas.

There are many different types of visas that can grant you temporary residency. We can work with you to ensure you understand the options and help you with the visa application requirements. Visas are often granted for:

  • Temporary or seasonal agricultural workers, called an H-2A visa
  • Students and exchange visitors
  • Temporary visitors for business
  • Temporary non-agricultural workers, called an H-2B visa
  • Permanent workers with a suitable combination of skills, education or experience

There are many subcategories of visas, and the application process can be difficult to understand. Our firm is dedicated to helping the community in East Hanover and beyond with applications for visas. If you want to know more about the process, speak with us about our services.

I am committed to helping the immigrant community of New Jersey. My staff speak Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Latvian. I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese too. If you have questions about immigration law, contact us at (973) 732-7300 or online for a consultation. Payment plans are available for services. My office location offers plenty of free parking.

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